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What type of backup generator do I need for my business or home?
Do I require a whole-house generator?
Do I need load management?
When the power goes out, what type of backup generator is best for you?

Our goal is to help answer all your questions, examine your specific backup needs, and provide an economical and safe standby generator recommendation. Installing a generator has many benefits including prevention of loss of refrigerated items and an increase in the value of your home or business. Most importantly, it can provide peace-of-mind, and comfort during weather changes.


Free Backup Generator Estimate

Our technicians meet with you one-on-one to examine your specific generator needs. During our initial discussion we determine:

  • • Which household or commercial services are a must: heat, air conditioning, stove, freezers, water, refrigerators for medicines, IT equipment, etc.
  • • The best fuel source: Diesel, natural gas or liquid propane.
  • • The best location to install the generator for proper exhausting.
  • • If the location requires a concrete pad, privacy fencing, landscape removal, or mulching

Standby Generator Brands & Warranties

We help select a standby generator that is best for your needs, including: Generac – Kohler – Caterpillar – Cummins. We can assist with parts, warranties, maintenance, and sales. Each of the products we recommend comes with a manufacturer-established warranty. Our materials and labor are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

What is load management? Do you need it?

Load shed technology allows the generator to power electrical items in a particular order. The system will automatically “shed” electrical items that are less important, then put them back online when more power is available. This technology allows us to backup larger services with smaller generators which helps reduce the cost to you. It also ensures that the generator will not be overloaded in an emergency. We’ll help you determine if this is necessary for your needs.

Backup Generator Maintenance

Our generators perform a self-diagnostic test on a weekly basis at a time determined by the customer. Yearly generator maintenance schedules are preventative. They allow us to review the system, check the oil, spark plugs, change filters, make valve adjustments and more. Review of your system using our generator maintenance checklist helps ensure your generator will be in fine working order when you need it.

For commercial installs, we can set the generators to send diagnostic information to the IT department or another internal department via email or text. It will also alert you to the status of the generator or any alarms.

commercial generator

We match the correct size generator to your needs and provide you with a custom generator installation solution. Our itemized estimates include parts, installation costs, area prep and finishing, and labor.


Western Virginia Water Authority

I can honestly say my experience with Jacob Kegley and his employees has been truly a wonderful experience for me and this organization. Rarely have I seen this type of cooperation and the commitment to meet deadlines, make suggestions that improve the outcome and perform work outside the scope of the contract in providing excellent customer service. Kegley Electric has done everything from installing a light in a closet to performing the electrical work on a major renovation project in our downtown office.

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— George W. Scott PHR, Director of Human Resources, Western Virginia Water Authority —

Amanda Blessard

They did everything we asked them to and more! Went out of their way to help us with problems and were happy to do so! Also, they suggested ways to help us keep costs down.

They were very professional and very polite. I can't express how much we appreciate the great customer service we received. We had to call them a couple times to come back because we had forgot to tell them about something. (An older house that needed updating, plus we added some extras) Not once did they seem irritated or bothered by that. They came back and gladly helped us out. We will definitely use them in the future!!!

— Amanda Blessard —

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